Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Black Forest for Naomi

Yaay, out of nowhere, three days ago I've got an order for making a birthday cake for Naomi, a 4 years old girl living next door. She will celebrating her birthday in her school this afternoon. Request from the birthday girl, the cake must be a chocolate cake, heart shaped, and topped with looots of chocolate. So, I made a blackforest cake, filled and covered with whip cream and decorated with grated chocolate. Hope she'll like it.

By the way, last night when I was about to decorate the cake, suddenly, the electricity went off. Hiks, I was panic since I covered the cake already with whipcream, and afraid that it will melt and ruin everything. But, with all the optimistic I have in the middle of a dark night, I continue to decorate while wishing the electricity will be recover soon. Decorating cake with only aided by a candle light in the middle of silent night was sooo romantic :P, I put piece by piece of cake while wondering would the birthday girl love the cake, I hope she will, crossing my finger now. Everything were still dark even after I finished decorating. I put the cake back in refrigerator, hoping that the cake will still look as nice as when I finished at the time I wake up the next morning. And, voila, as you see in the picture above it is still looks OK and ready to deliver.

Moral of story, when there is a will there will be a way... never give up no matter what happened. :)

Will deliver the cake to the birthday girl soon... wish me luck!!!


  1. Waktu lagi blogwalking ketemu website ini..kereen banget website nya..foto-foto nya juga oke banget..salam kenal yah Mbak...

  2. salam kenal lagi mbak... wah terima kasih ya pujiannya, masih belajar kok... sering2 mampir yaa :)

  3. salam Kirana..tq udah folow aq..
    aq folow dikau juga yaa...
    black forestnya sexyyyyyy...gleg