Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tira Miss You

Hi, long time no see...
Yep, it's been a while since my last "english post". Someone was complaining about my KBB post which was written in bahasa... yeah it was an important post for me, so that I prefer to write it in bahasa.

Now, I am writing again, yes and it's in english. Wohoo enough for un-important prolog, we'll go to the main topics okay.

So, I will tell you about one easy dessert to make, originated from Italy. People call this tremendously delicious dessert with TIRAMISU... I wrote it Tira miss you as it's been a long time that I didn't write in this blog and it is also been a while since my last Tiramisu making, thus... I miss You

I've got an order, and it became two, from two friends that I met at K-Chan's school. Frankly, they both have  husbands with the same birth date. So both were ordering this Tiramisu for their husband's birthday. Again, I am using NCC recipe, which has passed the most difficult tester which are my campus mates... the yummy mommies. This dessert has become their favourite, and I am so proud as one of them was the first person who introduced Tiramisu to me, and now she is the one who often ask me to make and bring Tiramisu for all of us when we have the chance to meet.

Here is the recipe, it is reaaally easy :

Recipe : By Fatmah Bahalwan NCC

250 gr of mascarpone cheese
300 ml whipped cream
100 gr powdered sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
4 egg yolks
50 gr castor sugar

Additional Ingredients
2 tbs instant coffee plus 1 tbs of sugar, dilute with 150 ml of warm water
20 pcs lady fingers

Whipped cream and chocolate powder as much as you like

How To
Soften mascarpone cheese using balloon whisk, only to form a soft mixture
Whip cream and powdered sugar to form a thick cream, set aside in the refrigerator
Mix egg yolks, castor sugar and vanilla essence to thick, continue mixing on boiled water to warm the eggs, bring to room temperature while continuing mixing.
Mix whipped cream, mascarpone cheese using balloon whisk, spatula or mixer set on the lowest speed.
Add egg yolks mixtures, mix thoroughly and set aside

Dip lady fingers in the coffee and put all over the bottom of a springform pan.
Add mascarpone mixture, flat the surface and put another layer of dipped lady fingers on top of it.
Repeat this step until you get the height of cakes that you want or until all the mixture are finish. :)
Garnish with whipped cream and chocolate powder.
Freeze in refrigerator for 4 hours before served

There you go, you are ready to enjoy the Tiramisu. Trust me you will never find a better Tiramisu than this one. It is still good though it is alcohol free.

Happy Friday