Monday, January 10, 2011

RM Jatinunggal - Hidden Treasury Place

Though I was born to be a Javanese, I spent my childhood time in Bandung which is a Sundanese area. That is why, I am more familiar to Sundanese food such as Karedok, Lotek, compare to Javanese food such as Gudeg and ........... (see I can't even mention more). 

Sometimes, after I live in Cikarang. I miss those delicious fresh and spicy Sundanese food, as in here it won't be easily to find a good Sundanese food. Plenty are available because Cikarang is located in Sunda area, however none can compare the taste of Bandung's Sundanese food. Until I find this place, which is located not quite far from my home in Cikarang, about 30 minutes drive. Hidden place, though so many people comes and enjoy the nice and reasonable price Sundanese Food. Here, I will tell you about Jatinunggal Restaurant at Jonggol. 

This place is located next to Jatinunggal Irigation Line at Jonggol. Just pay attention on  a sign over a bridge on Jonggol-Rawey road. I tried to pin it on Google Map, however I am not sure about the coordinate.  You can send me a message when you plan to go there, and I will happily give you a clue. :)

I went there with my family, consists of Mom, Dad, Hubby, K-Chan, Two Brothers, and Sis in Law. We spent around 300.000 rupiah for all, and here are some of what we ate

Hmm Yummy Right ?

The taste is just right, absolutely Sundanese. Fresh Fishes, grilled perfectly, nice sambal, though my juice was a little bit too sweet for me. But all in all, we were all satisfied. And will do a second visit, of course. 

So why don't you give it a try !

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