Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bajigur or Bandrek....

Those two mentioned in the title are Sundanese traditional hot drinks. I rarely found those two unique drinks, here in Cikarang now. 

During my childhood in Bandung, every afternoon you will get this kind of drink easily in a food stalls, food market or even somewhere close to my house. 

Getting used to "so so taste" of instant Bajigur or Bandrek, making me feel really glad to "finally" taste the real home made Bajigur and Bandrek at Sari Papandayan Restaurant in Garut. 

Though I can't bring you some, as usual, I took some pictures of it... and imagine that I drank this thick Bajigoer while looking at Papandayan Mountain in front of me... Amaaziiing... :)

And if you never taste Bajigur and Bandrek, and care to know... here is the link to find out more Bajigur and Bandrek. (Lazy meee... I know )


  1. I think bandrek and bajigur is traditional drinks from betawi

  2. @Endang Puji

    Really? Just heard about that.
    I believe Betawi has "Bir Pletok" as their traditional drink... and now you can buy also instant Bir Pletok, I saw it somewhere... :)